Terms of service

The Basics

Just some basic things before we get in deep, if you don't read the rest of my ToS PLEASE at least read this!! It's very important.

Can I edit your work?

Yes, you're more than welcome to crop my work for banners/icons as long as I'm credited! See Rights and Distribution.

You may not however, recolour, trace or remove my signature/watermark from my work. I find this incredibly disrespectful and rude, if you're caught doing this you will be blacklisted and blocked without warning. 

- If you commission me you are acknowledging and agreeing to the Terms of Service.(These are in regard to ALL my work,)

- I ONLY accept paypal as a payment option. (GBP) See "Payment"

- I work with visual references, please make sure you have the characters and clothing designs (unless its cosplays of course). I will work form description in the case of character creation, but it does come at a higher price.

- As I am legally blind, please make sure these references are CLEAR and LARGE! I need this if you want your details right!

- Once a commission has begun there are no refunds, no exceptions.

- Speed paints will be uploaded to my You tube channel Salty Schnecke

- Commissions with my own characters (Lyra, Bee Wife, etc) will receive a 10% Discount


-Females, Femboys, Futa (situational)
-Super Cutesy Stuff
-Flat Faced/Small muzzled Furries


-Giant Man Dongs
-Hate Art
-Baby Play
-Wild Fetish Art [Scat, water sports, inflation, etc]

If there is anything unlisted that you're after, don't be afraid to ask about it!

- You have every right to upload the piece of artwork I make for you AS LONG as you give credit to me in the description. Other than that, do not feel threatened to upload my artwork! See "Rights and Distribution"

- I will most likely upload my work by default if you would like you commission to be kept offline please know that you will need to pay a privacy fee. See "Rights And Distribution"


Payment is to be made in full upfront, unless the order costs  £100 GBP or more. For orders larger than that, I am willing to work out a payment plan with the commissioner. A whole payment must be paid before I begin working.
All payment is via Paypal. You can make payments with most credit or debit cards via Paypal. 

​Regarding price ranges: Prices for the majority characters won't cost any more than the price listed. Some things that may bump the price up, however, include but aren’t limited to:

  • wings

  • complex hairstyles or tons of clothing/accessories

  • highly detailed markings.

Refunds and cancellations

I ask that if you need to cancel before sending information or payment, you let me know as soon as possible. Dropping communication instead of formally cancelling disrupts financial and time planning for me and is generally disrespectful. Please keep in mind that before money changes hands, there is no obligation-- I won’t hold cancellation against you or take it personally, as long as you keep me in the loop!

I do not offer refunds for sketch commissions.

If I am past the sketching stage of any type of commission, no refund is available.

I reserve the right to cancel the commission and issue a refund equivalent to the amount of work not done due to harassment, improper conduct or poor communication.  Poor communication includes not sending information/forms within a few days of claiming a slot (it’s best if you can get back to me within 24 hours or let me know if you anticipate barriers to this), not sending payment when agreed upon, and being generally unreachable/unresponsive in such cases. I’m pretty flexible and will probably issue reminders or warnings because life happens and things come up, but I reserve the right to blacklist the commissioner if this is a recurring issue. 

If I need to cancel the commission due to events in my own life, a full refund will be issued.



I reserve the right to interpret your character in my own style. This includes things like tweaking colours a bit and possibly adjusting markings to better fit the shape language I use. In no case will I change things so much that the character is unrecognisable, and I will keep specifics like a certain number of spots or stripes the same.

 I do not offer preliminary sketches.

I accept changes based on things that I have forgotten or missed, like markings or horns or accessories. This comes at no extra fee as long as that information was included in the original reference sheet or description. 

I very occasionally stream commissions but am unable to guarantee when I will be able to stream or whether I will be available to stream your commission at all. If you’d like me to alert you when and if I do begin streaming your commission, let me know.




Depending on my schedule, health, workload and the complexity of the commission, turnaround may range from a few hours to a few weeks. In the event that I’m unable to finish your commission within a month, I will email you an update containing the progress I have made and/or the date I plan to be able to finish your commission should you choose to proceed with it. More frequent inquiries as to the status of your commission are also welcome, within reason. Feel free to check in after a week, if you’d like!  If you need a picture finished by a certain date, please specify that you need it done by a certain deadline. It is best to request a deadline at least three weeks in advance, and more time is always better, especially if the commission is a large one. I may accept rush orders for a turnaround of one week or less, but this is entirely at my own discretion and such orders may be subject to a surcharge.

Rights and distribution


The prices described here are for personal commissions and as such, I the artist retain all copyright. Feel free to make icons or a personal print, but you may not use them for your own profit. This includes selling prints and merchandise with the artwork. You may post any art made for you to your page, crop it for an icon, and show it off wherever you like-- I don’t mind at all, but please link back!

I reserve all rights to the artwork, including rights of distribution. If you want the artwork kept private indefinitely, I will do that for an additional charge of £10, or 10% of the commission price, whichever is higher. This fee does not apply to commissions kept private only for a set amount of time, such as holiday or birthday gifts.


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